Beta Glass Labs Petra Peak Attachment

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Welcoming the newest addition to the Beta Glass Labs line of handcrafted borosilicate, the Petra Peak attachment fuses elegance with practicality for the ultimate dabbing experience.  The perfect fusion of function and design, the Petra from Beta Glass Labs features a fast drain to ensure flow, compact radial recycler keeping each rip functioning 100%.

This unique design is engineered specifically as a Puffco Peak & Peak Pro Attachment. The Petra Peak top features a compartment design with an adapted multi-stage diffuser. Debris naturally created by the diffusion process are pushed into the secondary upper chamber where particulate is free to accumulate. This maintains a pristine anti-clog percolator over many uses, leaving you with a more enjoyable, low maintenance experience with the smooth diffusion you love from all of our instruments.

Like all Beta Glass Labs models, the Petra Peak attachment is crafted by hand. After passing our strict quality control protocol, each attachment is adorned with a genuine 23 karat gold label and hand serialized in titanium.

Official serial-matching Certificate of Authenticity included.

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