Custom Sky Glass Sky Infinite Recycler w/ Removable Mouthpiece & 14mm Rig Ash Catcher

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Custom Sky Infinite Recycler With Removable Mouthpiece 

The Sky Infinite Recycler is a true example of function, creativity, and originality coming together in our newest Rig. The main focus of this recycler is maintaining circular motion throughout the entire smoking process. We built this piece around our popular Micro Sky rig. The saw-cut showerhead perc fills the chamber with bubbles until they begin to fill the second chamber. Our angled intake spout propels the water in a circular motion, allowing it to drain consistently as more water fills the chamber.

14mm Rig Ash Catcher

The extended arm on our Rig Ash Catcher allows it to clear the top of any rig enabling it to sit at a perfect right angle, providing optimal capabilities of the shower head perc inside.

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