Purr Glass 14mm Double Chamber Bubbler

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Purr Glass 14mm Double Chamber Bubbler with Upgraded 7-Hole Bowl

The Double Chamber has long been a community favorite for its cough-free function, huge hits, and ease-of-use. We wanted to expand its potential by incorporating a flush recessed ground joint, maintaining the clean aesthetic of one of our favorite bubblers while providing flexibility where it matters most. Pair with your favorite bowl or banger to sesh just the way you want to. Our expert design prevents splashback from occuring when you've got a good hit going, keeping your sesh stress free. As always, our diligent attention to detail means your piece stands upright, safe & secure, while providing comfortable ergonomics for your smoking needs.

Pair with a Purr Glass 14MM 90° ASH CATCHER (BUBBLER COMPATIBLE) to make a Triple Bubbler.

Features & Specs:

Height: 6"

Length: 6.5"

14mm female recessed ground joint

Perc: Two Showerhead Downstems fixed & angle cut design for small expansive bubbles


Made with 4mm clear, thick, heavy-wall borosilicate glass

Handmade in California

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