Purr Glass 14mm Matrix Bubbler

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Purr Glass 14mm Matrix Bubbler with Upgraded 7-HOLE BOWL

This bubbler stacks!

When you need a piece that is ready to perform day in & day out effortlessly, then the Dewar Matrix Bubbler is your ticket. Used with a bowl, your smoke will get cleaned for extremely smooth hits that reduce coughing to a minimum, while delivering hearty flavor. Used as a rig, its got all the airflow you need for any kind of setup you have (terp pearls and slurpers spin no problem with this piece). Stable on a table, even with an e-nail.

Pair with a Purr Glass 14MM 90° ASH CATCHER (BUBBLER COMPATIBLE) to make a Double Bubbler.

Features & Specs:

Height: 9"

Length: 6"

Joint Size: 14mm


Perc: Matrix, produces small stacking bubbles for light, airy, effortless hits

Made with 4mm clear, thick, heavy-wall Schott glass

Handmade in California

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