Purr Glass 14MM TO 18MM 12-SLIT GLASS DOWNSTEM 4 1/4”

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Purr Glass 14MM TO 18MM 12-SLIT GLASS DOWNSTEM 4 1/4”

Length is measured from Top of Joint to Bottom of Downstem.

Get even more out of your bong with one simple upgrade.

Quick upgrade for any 18mm removable downstem bong. Modular design makes it easy to clean up once you're done seshing.

Easy breathing with minimal resistance. The full-width neck of the downstem reduces drag and lets you pull through even the largest chambers.

Smooth hits for enjoyable smoke. The closed bottom helps evenly diffuse your hits through the 12 precision slits into hundreds of filtrating bubbles.

Locally made, and hand-crafted daily with the highest quality standards. Glass is meant for a lifetime of use and we mean it!

Love the Showerhead performance but need a little more juice for your monster hits? You'll need the wide-bore & fine diffusion of the 12-Slit downstem. Built to perc through even the largest of water-filled chambers, hitting off of this downstem is as easy as breathing. All the airflow paired with 12 carefully cut slits creates cleaning diffusion that cuts down on coughing and harshness. The best part of removable downstems is how easy it is to upgrade your existing bong, and take out for cleaning!


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