Sky Glass Lunar Bubbler, Rig Ash Catcher & Orbital Perk + 2 Extra Lunar Mouthpiece’s

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You can customize this piece to be a Triple Bubbler, 2x Double Bubblers or a Single Bubbler with below pieces and attachments.

Sky Glass Lunar Bubbler

The Lunar Bubbler is built around the largest saw-cut showerhead diffuser we make. When you draw threw the perk, hundreds of bubbles filter threw the slits and instantly stack to top of the piece. The result is one of the smoothest hits you’ll experience. The mouthpiece detaches for easy cleaning, transportation, and replacement if needed!


  • Height: 12in
  • Tubing: 75mm x 5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joints: 19mm Schott Dewer Joint/ 19mm Schott Female Joint
  • Bowl: 19mm Martini Bowl
  • Filtration: Fixed Showerhead Perk
  • Base: Solid Maria Base
  • Mouthpiece: 19mm Removable Mouthpiece

2x Extra Lunar Mouthpiece’s

19mm Male Removable Mouth Piece for The Lunar Bubbler. This is a replacement for the Removable arm of the Lunar Bubbler. This will work with any 19mm (18.8mm) female joint.


  • Style: 1 Layback, 2 Regular
    Length: 4-5in
  • Tubing: 19mm x 3mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint: 19mm Schott Male Joint
  • Features: Two Glass Marias (Rings)

2x Sky Slides 19mm

Both Pinch Slides

1x Orbital perk

Not your ordinary shower head ash catcher. The Orbital perk acts as a external perk, its helps filter/ cool down the smoke to allow for a more pleasant smoking experience. Our Orbital perk is designed specifically for use with our Lunar Bubbler, and will only work for that piece. This “piggybacks” on to the mouthpiece joint of our rigs, allowing you to choose your level filtration. 

  • Height: 6in
  • Tubing: 60mm x 2.5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint: 19mm Female / Male Schott Joint
  • Filtration: Fixed Showerhead Perk
  • Features: 19mm Female Joint For a Mouthpeice
  • Classification: External Perk

1x 19mm Extended Arm Ash Catcher

The extended arm on our Rig Ash Catcher allows it to clear the top of any rig enabling it to sit at a perfect right angle, providing optimal capabilities of the shower head perc inside. 

Height 5″
Angle 90 degrees
Compatible Bowl Size 19mm
Joint Size 19mm
Downstem/Perc Showerhead
Fixed/Removable Fixed
Tubing Diameter 58mm
Thickness 3.5mm
Base Diameter 58mm
Ground Joint Dewar Seal
Clear/Fumed Clear

Grade of Glass Scientific
Raw Material German Schott
Locally Made? Made in Oregon

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