Zob 18 inch Beaker with Fixed Flat Disc Diffuser Blue & Sandblasted Label

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Zob Beaker with Fixed Flat Disc Diffuser Zob Glass makes this bad ass beaker.  It's approx. 18 inches tall.  Zob is all about style and function, and this piece shows that.  It features a fixed down stem with flat disc diffuser on the end of it.  This gives excellent diffusion, and eliminates the problem of broken down stems.  The beaker bottom allows for huge milky rips.  The three prong ice pinch lets you pack the tube full of ice for super chilled hits.  This beaker is a beauty!  Zob standard 18mm. ground glass slide comes with the pipe.  Zob goes to great lengths to make sure each piece is one of a kind, so the label will most likely be different than the one pictured.   - Perc: Flat Disc Diffuser - Features a Three Prong Ice Pinch - Height: 18.00 inches - Base Width: 5.50 inches - Tube Diameter: 50.00mm. - Down Stem: Fixed Down Stem - Glass Thickness: 5.00mm. - Slide: 18.00mm. Ground Glass Slide - Made in California  

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