Zob 18 inch Beaker with UFO Percolator Yellow & Black Label

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18" 50mm beaker with UFO perc with splash guard.

Zob UFO Beaker Bong This eye-catcher from Zob Glass is awesome!  It stands approx. 18 inches tall.  This beaker features a UFO flat disc percolator, providing great percolation.  The UFO perc resembles a UFO floating in the middle of the tube.  The beaker also has a splash guard and a three-prong ice pinch.  A diffused down stem adds another level of diffusion to your smoke.  By the time the smoke enters your body, it'll be smooth as fuck!  
Zob standard 14mm. ground glass slide comes with the beaker.   - Perc: UFO Flat Disc Percolator - Features a Splash Guard and Three Prong Ice Pinch - Height: 18.00 inches  - Glass Thickness: 5.00mm. - Tube Diameter: 50.00mm.  - Slide: 14.00mm. Ground Glass Slide - Made in California

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